Getting A Free iPhone 4 With No Obligation

Is there anyway a company could manage their finances and make money by such free offers? Will there be a catch that would eventually make me pay money someway or the other? These are the questions which are topmost on the minds of the people and make them doubtful about the genuineness of such offers.

Hence, they wonder if these offers could be legal and valid.
Well, one need not doubt. To answer in a nutshell most of such offers of free iPhone 4 are genuine. You are sure to have a free phone on your hand directly shipped if you just follow a few steps. With so many offers doing the rounds, it is natural for people to expect this to be some sort of scam which will eventually land them in trouble and make them pay money to someone. The rule to go about it and enjoy the benefit is simple; you just need to follow the instructions correctly and you are sure to have your free iPhone less the obligation of having to pay someone some money.
Let us see how these types of offers work. All you have to do in the beginning is just to give your name and your e-mail address. The next step would be to answer short surveys or give information about the various products that you use. These data would be passed on to the companies which would be analyzed by them to study the market. Normally, companies making such trial offers would expect the recipient to fill out a form in connection with this which could be to confirm your acceptance to receive a magazine subscription for free or something similar to that. This generally scares people away. But you have no cause to worry. All you have to do is get confirmation that you stand to lose nothing in case you cancel the deal.
You need to pay attention to what is given in black and white. You might be expected to make a choice between various offers. Do a little research and choose the offer that allows cancellation by you before you need to spend any amount. Just as it was easy to read this, it is also easy to acquire a free iPhone 4. Once you complete the required formalities, your phone will be shipped to you in a few days and you will have a perfect free offer.