How to Install Mobile Terminal on iOS 5?

Mobile Terminal is a great boon for those who want that extra level of configuration and control over their iPhones. It lets you do a lot over the command-line interface and in fact, quite a lot can be achieved. If you are geek-enough, you might just find it very helpful for a lot of things.

However, with the new iOS version out, the old Mobile Terminal on Cydia – which has not seen updates of late – has become obsolete unless we jailbreak and follow the steps here.
For all you guys who need to know how to install Mobile Terminal of iOS 5, here’s the way:
You will need:
A jailbroken iPhone to run the app from Cydia.
This file – Mobile Terminal.deb from Google Code ( (which we’ll download in step one)
iOS 5 running – so something like iPhone 4 with firmware update would be good (or use a jailbroken iPhone 4S. Know more about how to jailbreak iPhone 4S here (
iFile – this file is definitely needed to install the app from Cydia.
In case you have a version of Mobile Terminal already installed, you’ll need to remove that first. Go to the end of this post to see how that can be done:
First off, make sure you have coreutilities (coreutils).
You can do this by opening the Manage Tab on Cydia. Go to the Settings (upper left) and then enable Hacker Mode. Tap on Done.
Now go to Search (within Cydia) and type “coreutil.” If you see both Core Utilites and Core Utilities (/bin), you have coreutils installed and you can proceed with the following steps to install Mobile Terminal on iOS 5.
Steps to Install Mobile Terminal in iOS 5
Open Mobile Safari and download the Mobile.deb file from the here. (
Open the file in iFile (which you can locate in the upper right corner)
A pop-up should appear now. Choose “Installer” from the menu and that will install the Mobile Terminal on your iPhone.
That’s it. Reboot your iDevice and you will have the Mobile Terminal working on your iOS 5. iDownload reports this should also work on iOS 4.
Removing an Old Mobile Terminal
Go to Manage → Packages → Mobile Terminal → Modify → Remove
Mobile Terminal finds very many uses – especially for those who are used to the command-line interface. A lot of actions like resprings and reboots can be done in a single step through the command-line interface, for which we’d need the Mobile Terminal.
With the release of iOS 5, the old Mobile Terminal became unusable due to compatibility issues. However, with the above steps, we hope you would be able to get the Mobile Terminal up and running on your iOS 5 devices.