Step By Step Process to Getting a Free iPhone 4

Now getting a free iPhone 4 is not an astonishing matter. You just need to understand few things and work according to those to grab this amazing chance. I am going to mention the ways in brief for your convenience below:

The Apple Corporation  manufacturer of the iPhone, has some policies for their new products. They want the direct review from the users about the product and use those reviews to upgrade the quality of the product. Same policy is applied on iPhone by the co-operation. They select some users to whom they give some free iPhones and ask them to use it for a certain period. After that period users report back about their reviews over the facilities and negative sides of the given accessories and what more should be added for further convenience. Apple authority receives the remark with high significance and moderates their product according to demand. So being a product tester can get you a free iPhone. For that you have to go through the following procedures.
First you have to find a suitable website to enlist your name as a person who wants to become a iPhone tester. Just go to Google search engine and search simply typing as ‘become an iPhone tester’. You will immediately get many results. Then your next step will be to select an appropriate site and include your name there.
An important thing you need to keep in mind is that using a legal website is essential here. A fake site can take unfair advantage of you in this case. So search through the obtained results to choose a legal one for you. Judging the quality of the posting can be a way to determine the authenticity of the offer. Read thoroughly the pages of each site and find out whether there is any spelling mistake or not. If a offer with spelling errors and odd website design is noticed, you should certainly skip the offer.
After selecting a suitable website you have to give your detailed information about yourself to validate the offer application. Using a randomly used E-mail ID can be a good move if you do not want to mess your personal messages with promotions in a personal E-mail accounts.
Filling out short surveys or signing up for a free trial offer can be some simple requirements you have to fulfill to become a product tester, and get a free iPhone 4, or iPhone 4 S, and why not even the newly released iPhone 5. Further instructions are provided later through e-mail messages once you have been selected as an iPhone tester.
Therefore anyone can easily get a free iPhone to use for a definite duration just following the above mentioned guidelines.