Ten Awesome Things You Didn't Know Your iPhone Could Do

The new virtual assistant ‘Siri’ offered through the iPhone 6S is one of the hottest topics on the internet today. However, the previous versions can also perform many of the tasks already; you just have to use the right application for that. 

Some of the best features of the iPhone that can help you not only to accomplish tasks easily, but will also save some money for you as well, are as under:

Trust iPhone and never get a DUI
Driving after a drinking party with friends is not a good idea; it can land you in police custody. You can be fined or jailed, even if you manage to avoid serious accidents resulting in loss of life or property. Your license mat be suspended and your driving permit revoked, due to this immoral and unethical practice.
One of the many applications in an iPhone that help you calculate your blood alcohol levels is IAlcohol. The blood alcohol concentration BAC count can be calculated through this application to quit drinking when you approach the limits. Thus, a potential DUI may be avoided.
Your iPhone Can Help You Avoid Getting a Ticket
The information regarding speed check points set up by the traffic police can be had through an application called trapster. The information is updated regularly and is basically gained from user accounts. Some of the traffic cops also release this information and update about the speed traps on the roads. Therefore, you may avoid a ticket if you are continuously following the updates provided by the users.
Your iPhone Can Get You Pregnant?
Just kidding actually, well an iPhone cannot get you pregnant, but it can really help you through your pregnancy. Many applications are available that can warn you about any menstrual cycle abnormality, other applications can help you calculate the due date for birth.
Your iPhone can help you Babysit
Babysitting a newborn is a cumbersome job; iPhone can help you with babysitting the very young. Some applications monitor baby sounds and movements and alert through signals on the iPhone. These applications are very helpful for parents of newly born infants.
Your iPhone can act as a Metal Detector
The iPhone 6GS has an in-built magnetometer that can help detect metallic objects. An application ‘silvermetaldetector’  can use this feature of the phone and detect metal. Some people have actually reported finding profitable metals by using this technology.
Your iPhone Can Help Locate Itself When You Lose It or It Is Stolen
Turn the “Find My iPhone” service of iPhone to on and you can then track it through an application if you lose it. Can locate the current position of the phone and make it sound an alarm. However, of course if the phone battery goes dead, or it is switched off on purpose, you will not be able to locate it. While many people locate their phones that are misplaced at homes almost daily through this application, some people have even recovered stolen phones as well.

Hurry up now, upgrade to the new iPhone 6S, and enjoy these and thousands of other free applications for your apple. Scores of fun and useful applications are being released for use with an iPhone on daily basis, join the band, and enjoy. Even if you do not plan to get a 6S now, you can still enjoy these applications on the previous versions of the iPhone.