Top Must - Have iPhone Cases That Impress

If you’re one of the many iPhone owners out there, then you probably know that your choices for accessories are nearly limitless. If you have just purchased or are planning on purchasing a new iPhone 4S or an older generation, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

With the amount of beautifully looking cases out there to choose from, how can one possibly decide? To make it easier for you, iPhone Tips Blogger have compiled here a few of the best and most uber-cool accessories available today. These accessories will not only make your phone look cooler, but it will also get all your friends and buddies to definitely envy you and your new-looked iPhone, and you will find them to be very useful. Whether you have just acquired your new toy,  or you are one of the big iPhone lovers like myself, you should check out these stylish accessories.

The id America Cushi for iPhone 4/4S
This accessory is a basically a designer foam pad which protects your iPhone from scratches and impact when it falls or slips – no huge case needed. The adhesive pad leaves no residue, and is very easily adjustable to get the perfect fit. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, such as Beach Red and Jazz Purple. Because the pad is textured, you will be amazed by the high definition, 3D look of the designs, which will really set you apart from more the common iPhone user. You’ll enjoy the way the pad feels in your hand,because it is specifically designed to enhance your grip to prevent accidental mishaps. As if that was not all, it is also compatible with the popular Bumper cases, and put together could make your phone literally scratch proof. To make it even better, this supper cool good-looking case sells at around $12 a piece. At that price, one could even own more than one for varieties.
OtterBox Rugged Black Defender Case for iPhone 4/4S
If you are a vagabond, a traveler, a sports fanatic, or just plain clumsy, the OtterBox Rugged Black Defender is probably the best case for you. While all phone functions remain accessible, this case’s tough exterior will protect your iPhone from drops, scratches, and even water. And just to make sure that the presence of your iPhone with you all the time doesn’t interfere with your active lifestyle, a belt clip is included. This case ensures that your iPhone can go almost anywhere with you, so much so that even the most adventurous traveler, the greatest vagabond, the most extreme sports fanatics and the overly clumsy people can be rest assured that their iPhone is well-protected.For all that, one would expect a killer price right? Well it’s just about $18. And all your worries are gone.
DIY Design it Yourself Case from CaseMate
For those of you who likes to be completely unique and looking for a more traditional case with a twist and don’t mind putting some more money to protect your iPhone, you can’t get any better than the DIY case from CaseMate. Why? Simply because you get to design and personalize the cover of your iPhone by yourself. You can upload your own photo, logo, or art, and CaseMate will transform it into your very own, one-of-a-kind case. But if nevertheless you are feeling blank on creativity, you always have the option to chose from one of CaseMate’s incredible designs available in their online gallery. And considering you get an extra-tough, dual-layered case, most consider $40 to be quite a deal.
CAZE Swarovski Cases for iPhone 4S
OK, for iPhone owners who cherish and adore their  investment and wants to make it even more fancy and cherish-able, with a really high end look (and don’t digging deeper into their pockets for that) CAZE has announced two new Swarovski crystal cases in Floral Bling, and Bling RR patterns. That feels heavy right? Well despite their fancy adornments, CAZE claims to be using the world’s sleekest and slimmest case, and one which still nevertheless protects the iPhone edges from everyday wear-and-tear. Screen protection film and a handy little mircrofiber carrying pouch will also be provided. And while the adding of 200 crystals may sound expensive, a Swarovski case will still be much cheaper and accessible than a diamond case, and yet still adds oodles of glamour to your iPhone. What about functionality? CAZE promises that in the design of the case, they take into consideration all port entries and that even with this high end case all phone functions, including the charger,will be easily accessible without removing the case.
So whether you are looking for something personalized, trendy, tough, or fancy, there are some really fantastic cases available for your iPhone. Those on a budget can still protect their iPhones with confidence, and those willing to spend a bit more can get some really cool features and diamonds. If for some reason these little gems don’t strike your fancy, keep the faith. With the release of the new iPhone 4S, there will plenty more more really cool, innovative cases becoming available over the next few months and available to make your iPhone really unique and stand out.