What are the Best Ways to Clean an iPhone Screen?

Most of the time, most if not all new and old iPhone owners are always wondering and asking about the best way or ways of cleaning their iPhone screen. Be it cleaning an iPhone screen, or the very new iPhone 4S screen, the answer to that is always the same.

The truth is once you know the right way to make your device shining and smudging again, you can simply apply this method of iPhone cleaning  to all your other Apple products which have a touch screen, since it is usually basically the same thing, be it an iPod, and iPhone, and iPhone 4S etc. Even though their cleaning method may vary slightly.

In this article, we will be talking about some of the recommended ways to not only clean your iPhone screen clean, but also make it last, and some of the recommended products which are safe to use on your iPhone screen.
To start of, let us look at the best way of cleaning an iPhone and the process involved. As emphasized on the Apple website, before cleaning any Apple product part, you must first of all:
Disconnect the said product from any external source of power. In this case, disconnect your iPhone’s charger.
Make sure that all external devices and other cabling to all external products such as speakers, etc are disconnected.
Once you have disconnected your device completely from kind of external power supply and other products, the next step is to turn it off completely. Then and only then, you can begin to clean the screen of your iPhone.
OK, now let’s get to the cleaning proper. iPhone cleaning can be as easy and simple as ABC if you know exactly what is required and what yo are doing. To clean your iPhone, you need a soft, lint-free cloth, and a little bowl of water. wet the soft, lint-free cloth, to get it slightly damp. Make sure that it is not dripping, before applying it on your iPhone screen, and rub gently. This will remove and do away with the oily nature of a dirty iPhone screen, and leaves it smudging again. To remove fingerprints from the screen caused by using dirty hands to manipulate your iPhone, simply wipe the screen surfaces with a soft, lint-free cloth.
Alternatively, if you feel like your screen is too dirty to be cleaned with just water, or if you have actually used the simple solutions above and did not get the desired result, especially in cases where you device might have come in contact with some kind of a stain like say ink, dyes or makeup etc, and would like to have a more cleaner and professionally cleaned screen, you can use a soft, lint-free cloth, accompanied with an iPhone screen cleaning product called iKlear ( Visit site here to take a look), or just purchase and use the iKlear 2 oz, or iKlear 8 oz cleaning kit. It is recommended as an iPhone cleaning product because it does not contain any ANTI-STATIC, ALCOHOL, AMMONIA & SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE which are all harmful to the iPhone screen.
If you want your iPhone screen to last , and be as good as new most of the time without unwanted cracks and faulty uses, then you might want to consider some of the methods above when cleaning your iPhone screen. Cleaning your iPhone is very important, since it is the main and only path to your device.  If you still have specific questions on the subject, feel free to leave a comment below all the big community here at iPhone Tips Blogger and myself will be very happy to help. Or to get in contact with me personally, you can use the Contact Page and send me a private message, and I will be sure to get back to you ASAP.