When and How Often to Clean Your iPhone Screen

If you are a big fan of our blog, then I am assuming that you already know now how to clean your iPhone screen, since we dealt with on a previous post in details. Today we will be talking about when to clean your iPhone screen, and how often you should be cleaning your iPhone screen and why.

Great! we are all on the same page now as far as cleaning an iPhone screen is concerned. I think it is now time to take a look at when and how often you should clean your phone’s screen.
It is required that you clean your  iPhone screen immediately without wasting any time if it comes into contact with any contaminants that may cause stains on your iPhone screen, such as dyes, food, ink, makeup, dirt,  lotions, and oils . This are some of the enemies of your screen, and must be dealt with as soon as they attack. If by accident, any of the already mentioned products should find its way onto your iPhone screen, stop whatever you are doing, and clean it off immediately, before it causes any other undesirable damage.
But if you always careful, so as to manage to always keep your iPhone screen from such items, then your iPhone screen cleaning frequency is ultimately dependent on you. But on average, you can clean your iPhone screen once every two or three weeks, depending on the nature of your work and frequency of use.  Let’s say for example that you work in a KFC and you are always touching those burgers(hmmm I like them burgers), and also touching your phone at the same time, this goes without saying that you will need to clean your iPhone screen more often than a guy who works behind a computer and desk in a bank.
But nevertheless, the decision on how often or when to clean your iPhone screen definitely depends entirely on you. However, you should make sure that you only do a cleaning of the very valuable and fragile screen only when it is dirt or feels dirt. As constant cleaning your iPhone screen for no apparent reason except for the pleasure of cleaning is not doing any good to your device, and you will just end up damaging it.
This is because, your iPhone front and back glass surfaces have an oleophobic coating which helps in repelling, or you may say keep oil away from it. And the constant cleaning of the screen which includes rubbing, helps to diminish the ability of the coating in repelling oil. So it goes without saying that the more you clean, especially for no good reason, the more the effect of the coating diminishes, and your iPhone screen is more liable to crack and damage. And the less you clean, the less it diminishes as well, and the more your iPhone screen remains protected.
To conclude this article today on when and how often to clean your iPhone, I would say, you are the best judge of when and how often to do a screen cleaning of your iPhone, but be careful not to do it too much as the saying goes, “too much of anything is a disease”, the iPhone screen cleaning is no difference. Too much of doing it will just turn out to be harmful to your iPhone screen instead.